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IIN Self-conscious about patchy body hair and past chemo?
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I had to get chemotherapy as a teen, (due to an already embarrassing enough brand of cancer) I'm 22 now, and though the hair on my head, eyebrows, and eyelashes came back full, my facial hair, chest, and arms came in really patchy still. It's been getting better, but it's still really noticeable. My hair also came back so bleach blonde it's practically white, and everybody asks if I dye it, so that kinda sucks. I've started just shaving absolutely everything so then that leads to people thinking I'm gay. Don't really know what to do lol. So now I'm the douche who tries to overcompensate by working out like a madman and dressing like a preppy fuck and being a very bitter defensive dude.
Am I letting it bother me too much?
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I don't think your over reacting. You have been through a lot as teenager, dealing with cancer. Maybe you just need to be yourself and not give a fuck what anyone thinks.
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Its normal to feel that way.
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