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IIN that ANIME makes u hate ur life n family n live their life?
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I have been watching Fruits basket and I want my life to be like hers and live with ppl like Kio and yuki and their cousin. I was also watching deathnote and i can't get over L and light dying. d : IIN
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Same here!!!!!
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I want to marry Tohru Honda.
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me too i wish pokemon was real, i want to be in ashs place... i love team rocket...
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trust me i think weve all been there id preffer code geasss world my self i mean who whouldnt whant to be lulucie v britania

p.s i know i spelled his name wrong
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yes I totally feel like that it sucks :(
and you feel like they look perfect and everything's easy but really life's not like that haha :/
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I wish my life was an anime everyday and every second. I know how you feel.
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