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IIN that as a teenage boy you dont know any sports?
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I am sometimes teased like how come that I grew up without knowing any sports. And Im thinking like is sports really the basis of being a man? Im trying to know how to play volleyball. And now I dont know how can I play basketball. Practicing volleyball? Well my playmate is only the wall wtf Im letting the ball bounce then receive it and etc but really I hate not knowing any I am having team sports as my subject in college and im doomed!
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What about track and field or swimming?
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I know that. But ball games are different for me.
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I never played a sport in school. I found my talents were better channeled into music. So while I was on the field, it was only during halftime. When it comes to knowledge of sports, I have plenty, but only because it interested me. If you are not interested in something, it can be amazingly difficult to learn simply because you don't give a $#!7 about it.
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Everyone chooses either a sport, music or art.
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Sports has nothing to do with being a man.
Being a decent human , with morals and values is part of being a man first. There's been many talented athletes who don't know the first thing about being a man. Good luck
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