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IIN that i basically just use people?
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I'll try to keep this short. The situation is : I don't really have any empathy, so i don't feel anything for other people. Even when i make a mistake that hurts somebody, i do not feel sorry at all. Just a couple of days ago i made my friends girlfriend cry, by making a joke, that wasn't insulting or disrespectfull in any way. They were both pretty mad at me, but all i'm thinking is that she totally overreacted and i don't get what's her problem at all. I'm often in these kinds of situations, because i have a hard time recognising when something goes to far or so.

When something like that happens i, of course, apologise prefusely, and try to make everything good again, but not because i'm actually sorry. I do it just out of self-interest.
For example : I apologised to my best friends girlfriend because, if she were mad at me, we three couldn't hang out anymore, which then means that he'd have to split his time between me and her, which would cause us to see each other less. And even seeing my friend i JUST do because it's "entertainment". I have fun when i'm with him. How he feels, doesn't really bother me.

Is that normal?
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No one cares faggot
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You obviously care to an extent to even type this because if you didn't then you really don't care if you think other people think it's normal or not
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I easily offended people too. But then I'm really empathetic as well. I realised that my empathy is just shared pain, for example I actually know what it's like or had close similarities to that person's suffering.
But then when I offend someone it's becuase I'm so used to hearing negitivly things that my humor takes on a bit of negitivly as well.
And I don't find it a bad thing when I say it, but that's becuase I've suffered far worse for longer than a simple joke that you'll forget in a few hours.
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You're a sociopath. Lots of people are. Donald J. Trump is one of them.
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But so is Sherlock Holmes, and look how he turned out.
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@: Who?
Most surgeons are as well. Perhaps a system of values that strives for quantifiable positive accomplishments is a good thing for a warped mind.
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I think you do care to some extent, or you wouldn't be writing this. I'm the kind of person who speaks my mind, and I think that it's healthy, but in your situation it would be best to just think about what you say before putting it out there. I get where you coming from, and as though it comes across as pretty cold, it's completely okay.
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Autism speaks. You should get checked out, an SSRI might do you some good.
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