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IIN that I blink so excessively that it gives me headaches?
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I don't know whether this is a tic or not as I am in control of it but most often do it without realising it. But it is like an urge. I am always having this urge to blink all the time, and every day I have headaches because of excessive blinking. I also have to do it tight too. I don't know why I do this but I've been doing it since my early teens and I wish that I could stop blinking so much. Idk if it's because I'm tired all the time, or what. iin?
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You should go on a date with that other guy who blinks out the number of letters in a word
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Side Note: a cool username for you would be Blink182.
You're welcome.
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You indicate you've had this condition for a while so it is great that you are now addressing it. We all blink on average about 15 times per minute. First, consider getting your eyes checked by a doctor just in case there's something irritating or something actually in your eye. If you think it's more a mental thing, then you now need to become even more conscious of what's going on, so you can develop a strategy to prevent the condition from worsening. This would involve some form of impulse control because as you say, something is giving you this urge to blink which is now impacting on your life in a negative way and needs to be dealt with. Persistance and consistency are the key here, so don't give up. You must picture yourself free of this condition and believe in yourself to overcome it. You can also consider counseling but ultimately this is about using your inner strength to return your blinking to normal levels.
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