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IIN that I enjoy when people get fired?
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Is it normal that I enjoy my coworkers being fired? Any time I see it or hear about it, my day becomes instantly better.
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Guess what? YOU'RE NEXT, let's see how much you enjoy that - from your boss
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I feel good when bad things happen to bad people.
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That seems a little psychotic to me, but I guess it's normal.
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This is beaitiful I myself like to do pranks on co workers like flood the toilets put laxatives in there food plant drugs on them change there contacts around on there phone stab people and cause trouble and shit stir I also plant condoms on happily married couples so there spouse break up with them and when people walking down corridors i go behind them and kick them and then run
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its more fun doin the firin
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I agree... I love when they come back from their supervisor's office in the morning and quietly start packing their stuff in boxes. Usually happens near the end of the month.
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