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IIN that I feel like the government is always watching us?
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I always feel like im being wathced on any laptop phone or tv. I feel like they're always watching even when im masturbating. Even as im writing this post. I feel like there is like people assigned to different people to investigate and take notes about their life. I know they're not allowed to arrest me just because i looked up something a bit suspicious but it just concerns me how they could be always keeping an eye on me and knowing exactly what im doing at all times.
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The government IS always watching you.

They could be looking at you through your telescreen at any instant. They're watching everyone all the time. Welcome to 1984, Winston Smith.
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They are watching you.
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Lindsey Lohan?
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Funny, they are watching you. Or rather they are recording you at all times from cameras. Always cover up your cameras!
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