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IIN that I get excited (non-sexually) by "easy" phone numbers?
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Whenever I see an "easy to remember" phone number (e.g. on a prepaid SIM card for sale, or otherwise), I get excited (non-sexually). I fantasize about using the number to call all sorts of "important" people, and I think these numbers make their owners a part of the "VIP club". If someone has such a number, I tend to think they must be successful and popular. I'm talking about numbers like 517-0000 or 233-2233.
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Well poison control is pretty important, so I guess it must be true.
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I was with some friends driving thru Kansas City and there was a billboard for a lawyer with the number 777-7777. Thought that was pretty cool so easy to remember.
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Numbers fetish like alan Turing enigma expert
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