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IIN that i get scared when people yell so i can hear them?
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I have hearing damage and people often have to yell so i can hear them, whether i'm in another room or we're in a noisy environment or even just in general. i get that they're trying to communicate with me, but it still really scares me. i think it's something about the tone of voice that they use that makes me feel like, by having trouble hearing them otherwise, I've done something wrong or bad, and i know that's irrational, but it still freaks me out. is it normal to be afraid of and hate something people are doing to accommodate you?
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I'm not hard of hearing but my parents always shout when they want to ask me a question and I am far away. It comes off as if they are angry but they are just being efficient.
Also, just when cashier is shouting to the chef "give me one slice" or something it scares me a little. I just hate loud noises. That's why I'm the opposite. I go walk over to a person when I need to ask a question.
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If its irrational then its not normal.
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Tell them to quit yelling or ignore them.
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