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IIN that I have a phantom hat feeling?
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Is it normal that whenever I've been wearing a baseball cap for the day, bare in mind I don't wear them tight and they don't leave indentatiton lines, and then take it off, it STILL feels like I'm wearing the cap? I've legit reached up to take it 'off' to realise I already have taken it off. It's so strange! Is this normal? Explanations, anyone?
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Habit, yo. I have gone to push back my sunglasses only to realize that they aren't on my head. Or I'll go to put my hands in my sweatshirt pocket when I'm not wearing the dang doodly thang.
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I dunno, but I appreciate your dilemma as it was a genuinely amusing departure from usual bullshit. May the Internet gods bless you with... well, may they bless you with good hair days.
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Yeah its normal.
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