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IIN that I heard a voice at night?
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Yesterday, it was about half ten- eleven and I just turned my phone off so I could go to sleep. I was laying on my bed, facing the wall. I was scared, but I'm always scared because I have alot of fears like the sea, loud noises, paranormal, the dark, etc. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep when I heard a voice behind me say hello. It wasn't just a cheery normal hello, but it was a deep voice, humorous and scary, as if it knew it was scaring the daylights out of me. I lay there in that same place for which felt like 30 mins but was probably only 10. I finally started moving my fingers and head and stuff and eventually turned around. Nothing was there. I'm pretty sure it wasn't in my head, I felt like It was right beside me. I have a single bed so it wasn't on the bed. I asked my whole family and they said that it wasn't them. I believe in the paranormal and stuff so it really creeped me out. Plus a few days before, stuff started going missing after Id used it. Keys and a remote. If anybody has any idea what the earth it was, then please say. Thanks.
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We won't agree becos I don't believe in paranormal stuff. But I don't think you should be worried. Take a sleep aid and put on headphones with relaxing music. The better you sleep the less suseptable you'll be to paranoia.
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ur cRaZy
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Oh that's just Lucifer
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get a therapist
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I had the same experiences, but I never know how to deal with it. I usually just ignore it and hoping it would just go away and sometimes it does. One time I was sleeping and I felt something walk acrossed the top of my pillow and yes I do have cats but they're not allowed in my room and another time I was facing the wall and I felt something sit down at the end of my bed where my knees were bent and when I rolled over to see what it was there was nothing there and the last time something happened I finally decided to shut my laptop off for the first time and when I did there was a red light on my TV showing it was turned off and I saw a black figure walk in front of it
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How are you not freaked out by that!?
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