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IIN that I like to bang my best friend in the shower?
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Usually my best friend comes over and without my wife seeing her sneaks in as I leave her a key outside our door. When she does I am most times expecting her and I go in the shower to wait. Whenever I hear a knock I open and she bursts in. She takes her clothes off and without my wife seeing we bang. My wife does not know I have feelings for my best friend. Is it normal?
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Your wife is busy in the bedroom with her husband.
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Be very careful, play with matches you will get burned.
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Your wife must be really stupid not to know that this other girl is there and probably just as stupid as yourself because you posted this totally bull shit story.
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Pop a nut in her ass and then make her suck your dirty cock and nuts.
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I like too. even I fuck my friend in her house... I fuck her so hard that she pissed.. which my wife cany take
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