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IIN that i like to eat raw meat?
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Jesus, i just like chewing or biting pieces of meat, raw meat (specifically beef). i find it so yummy. is it normal?
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Comments (7)
Raw meat could harbor bacteria and worms and it would be bad if you got infected.
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You should try some raw chicken. It's to die for :|
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I've read stories on the net about people having tapeworms after eating raw/under cooked meat. Do you really want that to happen to you?
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You could get really sick you know.
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Every time I cook hamburger, it's a struggle to not toss a chunk of raw ground beef into my mouth. It looks, smells, and feels so incredibly appetizing...
We actually have a high-end-ish burger place where I live, and they let you order rare hamburgers. It's heaven.
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I agree. My favorite parts are the butt cheeks of babies and the breasts of young women. The fat melts into a puddle while cooking so I eat them raw.
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I know people like the taste, but you should never eat raw hamburger or chicken. Raw steak is the healthiest you can go raw, so I'd recommend you only eat that raw
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