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IIN That I Love To Eat Silly Putty?
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IIN that I like to eat silly putty? I mean there are so many different flavors, and the chemically taste kinda reminds me of fast food (it can't be any worse then fast food though, both have a lot of chemicals and artificial things). I need to know if this is normal, and if there are any other people I can get in contact with to help me cope with my depression (people have told me I deserve to die by eating the putty on multiple occasions by many people I care about, and I would just like to be assured by those who also eat things that are not considered 'edible'). Please to not post any hate over this, I already am receiving counseling and going to therapy for depression as mention earlier.
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No its not bloody well normal...
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can yall lift pics outta the newspaper with yalls silly poopy?
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And I bet they're really stretchy.
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Why are you asking us if you have a therapist? That's the person to ask and no, it's not normal to eat silly putty but it's not that rare for people with psychological issues to eat non-edible substances. It's called "pica", so common enough to have had a name for a very long time.
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Yes if your 2 years old my little nephew eats it lucky enough its not toxic
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