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IIN that i only cry when I'm alone?
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I never cry in front of anyone. even when they are crying. when something bad happened to a family member of mine, everyone in my family was crying. i hugged them and felt sad but couldn't cry with them. only when i was alone did the tears come. why is this? i don't want my family to think I'm emotionally unaffected by the sad event.
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I sometimes cry in front of people, but it's often embarrassing, though sometimes it can't be helped. I prefer to cry alone. It's certainly less embarrassing and I don't have people coming up to me and asking what's wrong.
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I can't really pinpoint why you do it because, you know, we're strangers. But I have the same problem & I think I do it because I don't want to seem vulnerable. I'd rather have people perceive me as strong.
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I'm the same way. My reason would be is because I would be too embarassed to cry infront of someone. However, if it's VERY intense then yea, I'll cry in someone's arms, or something.
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Normal, just not for me. I'm a cry-slut: I cry in front of anyone, anywhere.
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If you are man it's normal.
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It is normal becuz I only cry when I'm alone and noone can hear me becuz I hate being pitied and I feel lik I'm weak if I cry in front of someone
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