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IIN that I poop at school? And I like pooping at school?
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I like pooping in school, is it contagious? Is it normal? Am I an alien? When I ask if its contagious, does it mean that if I poop and someone else poops at the same time will they turn into poop or will I? Or will we both always poop at the same time for the rest of our lives in sinc? Am I an alien since my poop smells like Febreeze air freshners? I think something is wrong with me... Btw if you think i am mentally retarded or something, its common for people to think that, im not sure why, but i bet you'll probably think that. And im not joking, i need serious help.
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Poop onto a cafeteria tray and eat it at lunchtime. Where everyone can see you, freakfuck.
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No one ever pooped in my school unless it was an absolute emergency. There were no doors on the stalls so people would always wave and throw things at the guy taking a shit. I'd use the toilet in the nurse's office.

Is there anything worse than having diarrhea and being pelted with Twinkies and cartons of chocolate milk?
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ive never heard of a high school with no doors for stalls. what the fuck?
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I want to poop with you while holding your hand. It's okay, I'm here to support you.
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Well, I don't exactly like shitting in school bathroom toilets, but I have no choice, but to do so when I live in a dorm on a college campus five days a week, anyway. Otherwise, I don't poop in public bathrooms, unless I really have to.
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I was exactly the opposite, would always slightly fear a fire alarm going off mid shit tbh...
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