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IIN that I think I'd be prettier if I were white?
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I'm hispanic, and you can tell by my features. I have medium skin, dark hair, dark eyes, bushy eyebrows, and a wide-ish nose. I know I'm not that ugly, I guess I'm pretty average looking, but I dont fit the classic "beautiful Latina" stereotype with a big butt and big boobs. However, I look at my white friends, and even the most average looking ones tend to get a lot more attention, particularly from random boys, just based on their appearance. I am honestly a bit envious, and I wonder if things would be different if I were white, with pretty colored eyes and light skin and hair. Is it normal to look in the mirror and wish you were another race?
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I wish I were a natural redhead. Maybe not a full on ginger, but probably more like a day walker.

I think many people wish to be something they aren't. For example many people with straight hair want curly hair and many with people with curly hair wish theirs were straight. I think it's relatively normal to be unsatisfied with one's appearance and wish to look somewhat different, and to perhaps want to emulate one's peers. I don't think you're a self-hating racist or anything crazy like that. I just think you're a young lady who is comparing herself to her peers, wanting to fit in and wanting more attention from the opposite sex.

Try to the love and accept yourself just the way you are, because more than likely you can't make any drastic changes. Also it's not uncommon for opposites to attract so if you like Anglo guys you might find that some of them actually prefer Latinas like yourself.

All the best to you, dear heart! Love yourself, chica!
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When I read the title I was like "please don't be latina", that being said you shouldn't blame yourself for wishing you were something else, media has fucked us all over, but you are so beautiful. Even if you don't fit the stereotype.

Also getting attention from boys really has very little to do with how pretty you are. You do have to meet a certain thresh-hold bathing etc. but then the rest is all how you compose and present yourself and certain personality qualities, (not all ones you necessarily want to have).

I just realized this but it can be boiled down to, boys approach girls that they DON'T see as being in a committed successful relationship, so there is something to be said there.

Also with my first comment, no shade to other races, I just find latina people really beautiful who doesn't? so I needed to especially disagree with the notion that changing that would help
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Racial divisions are a ridiculous man-made concept. Human genetics are a continuum.
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So your only ambition at this point in your life is to get fucked by as many "random boys" as your friends do? ...Fucking dumbass bitch and/or racist troll.
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Women of all ethnicities are beautiful. Love yourself! There is nothing extra special about one ethnicity or another. Beautiful is as beautiful is! I imagine you are beautiful!
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The grass isn't always greener on the other side.
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A lot of people find hispanic features to be very attractive.

I find that so many girls over analyze their looks and attractiveness. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder... really! Some people will find you attractive and others might not and you can't always predict it. If you look healthy in general, then the rest is mostly preference and that varies from person to person.

So many women think that if they change one thing or another, that it will fill in the magic, missing puzzle piece and they will all of a sudden be so much more attractive and get way more attention. This simply isn't true.

As far as guys go, there could be a million reasons that a guy approaches and talks to a certain girl or doesn't. It's not all just about the way they look.

Don't be hard on yourself for this stuff. It's really all up for interpretation and there is no magic set of things that makes someone more attractive than someone else really.

Just try to stay healthy and be the best version of yourself and don't worry about the rest. It's not worth it.
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You don't have to be white to be pretty. I feel humiliated for the human race having to type this in 2017, but it seems the white look is still the most popular.
With that said, there are TONS of gorgeous latina women all other the world and the media! For some reason this makes me think of George Harrison (guitarist for the Beatles)-he met all sorts of beautiful women and ended up marrying a beautiful hispanic woman. Don't let being hispanic be an excuse to not try with your appearance and show off your beauty.
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It's normal but a bit sad and totally pointless
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Although I agree that Whites are generally the most attractive race, being White is not a prerequisite for being attractive.

Please stop judging yourself by standards that you literally can never live up to. You're Brown. Be proud.
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@: True
Idk Ive met some ugly ass white girls
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And? Your reply technically doesn't follow mine at all.
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