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IIN that I used to act like this?
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When I was in grade 9, a guy who I went to school with wanted me to call in, lie and say he is sick. I told my old school that he wanted to sleep with her instead. He got his revenge and told my old teacher that I wanted to sleep with him. We got moved to the same class as me(we were in the same age group).

Two years ago I was drunk and in grade 12 and attending the same school. I told a friend who lives in a different country on skype. Awkward things about my whole school and I was joking. Somehow my old teachers found out and I got laughed at.
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I hate when that happens
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The rest of the world doesn't know what your USA grades 9 & 12 mean. Best to use ages on the internet, which are universally understood.
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@: Murun
The age group was 14-15 years old.
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I jerk off naked
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