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IIN That I Walk Around Singing
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I play a few instruments also. But I constantly sing, and I can't help but sing when I am walking around, on my own or with people. I don't know how to get out of this habit. Is it normal? Do you know anyone that does this or am I a fucking freak? Would you judge me if you seen me doing this?
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Carry on!
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I am a dancer and a singer so I dance around and sing all the time wherever I am. Its fun and normal.
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Our neighbour has a habit of whistling loudly while he's doing things around his home. Sometimes he or his sons sing along with songs that they blast from their cars outside. And they're certainly not musicians!

It's fine as long as it's not obsessive and you know when to stop.
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Depends how well or badly you sing: does anyone complain about it?
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@: Ellenna
No one complains about it, I can sing well. I was wondering if people thought it was strange, especially when I'm out in public on my own. Sometimes I try to be quiet but I can be loud.
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