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IIN that I'm binging on authentic sushi?
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I chose spicy crispy and moist sushi with fresh tuna, salmon and grilled crab with avocado and a cream cheese sauce dusting. I'm incredibly happy and I even decided not to throw it up this time (last binge purge was chic fil a fries, taco bell steak quesadillas and a chipotle burrito, yes I know that's nothing compared to hardcore, stomach stretching binges, but to me it's an above average binge). Yesterday I had a kale quiche I made myself and a half plate of red lobster crab alfredo with the cheese biscuits and free caesar salad. I'm incredibly happy guys... Swooning at the decadence as I type.
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Stomach acid from repeated vomiting will fuck up your teeth.
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I've seen that :(. I try to limit myself.
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It would be better to just stop.
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It's mental as much as it is a physical act.
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