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IIN That my bf refuses to meet my family?
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I asked my boyfriend to come with me for new years to my family to enjoy fireworks. He was staying at my house for the past 2 days, but when I mentioned this he all of a sudden had plans. He brags that he is a social butterfly yet says meeting families gives him anxiety. Yet he can go hang with his ex's family for Christmas, though they do have a daughter together. I try to be understanding but at this point I'm just really hurt & cried the whole way over. We've been together 3 months and I just really wanted to spend the holiday with him & my family. Now I just feel like he's using me to pass time because even knowing how upset I was he just left like it wasn't even a big deal. IIN?
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This has all the makings of a Romantic Comedy, starring Tom Hanks
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I would say its normal. don't push him into meeting them, or doing anything . He may just be like that if so and you can't be with someone like that then you'll not make it together.
See if you can get him to meet them in a less stressful situ(less people around who he dmdpmt know not on one md the biggest nights of the xyear)and take it easy, once he meets them for the first time maybe he'll be ok with it.
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Maybe he is gay
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LMAO. We all know about your family. Trust me, NOBODY wants to spend time with them!
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Maybe he is nervous to meet them..? Try talking to him/communicate with him... Communication can solve most if not all relationship problems...
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He's probably on the rebound, and maybe even still stuck on his ex for all we know. It wouldn't hurt for you to drop him and cut your losses. More than likely there's someone better for you out there somewhere. Don't be afraid to go it alone. This guy sounds like a douchebag with a lot of emotional baggage. You are not defined by your relationship status, my dear.
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Yeah and if it was a girlfriend everyone would be saying give her a chance, maybe she's shy, we don't know what her background is , she's not going out with your family..............
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I'm thinking he wants back with the ex.
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It's only been 3 months of dating...........
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He maybe your cousin and don't want the
Rest of the family to spoil the honey pot
For him. If you already know first or second cousin
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