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IIN that my cat constantly likes being alone and is anxious?
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Hey, so I have a female black cat who is about 6 years old. We found her on the streets when she was about 6 months old and took her in. We do not know about her early life. She's always been extremely shy and anxious. She can be very affectionate when she wants to, but most of the time she is sleeping, hiding, or alone. I can't tell if she just enjoys being alone or if she is truly depressed or anxious? She eats normally and hasn't had any problems. For what it's worth, she is exceptionally clumsy for a cat. I love her and I would just like to know if she's happy being alone or if she's too anxious and has a social or anxiety problem? We have another boy cat who's younger and a 6month old dog. She is never aggressive towards them, but she mostly avoids them,like she does most people. She socializes on occasion but mostly is alone. What's odd is that when I pick her up or put her on my lap, she stays calm and is happy, but she never comes over on her own. She also very rarely plays or spends a lot of time being active.
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Sounds normal to me: some cats are friendly and some are not & it's normal for cats to spend a fair bit of time alone: they're not pack animals like dogs. I have no idea about the clumsiness because you don't give details.
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@: Ellenna
Thanks, maybe I'm just worrying because my other cat is completely opposite. Could just be her personality. As far as clumbiness it isn't extreme, it's just poor balance skills like misjudging jumps or falling off tables and shelves with wrong stepping
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Feral cats, meaning those born into the life of a stray, are like that in my experience, maybe that's her background.
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So basically, you're saying she's a cat?
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Maybe there are some cat therapists? Definitely doesn't sound good.
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Feral cats are not usually friendly. Not all cats are super affectionate or social.
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I too have a black cat that showed up at my doorstep at around six months or so. She is much like your cat. She'll jump on the couch behind me and bump heads while purring away, and even follows me when I have her outside and take a walk, but forget about getting her to curl up with you. Your cat's lack of interest in toys may stem from her younger days when chasing never meant playing, it meant survival. Toys may just be too small time for her. I think your cat is normal considering her past. And probably happy because she has a home and regular faces around every day.
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