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IIN that my girlfriend wants me to have sex with her daughter?
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I have been with my girlfriend for 2 years. She has a daughter who just turned 18. She has told me for the past year that she wants to watch me and her daughter have sex. Her daughter is a very petite girl and she knows that petite women turn me on. Her daughter has even agreed to this. Am I normal to want to take her up on the offer?
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Do it! Try to make it a threesome! I'll tell you right now, nothing hotter than getting a blowjob from a mother and daughter and watching them lick each other's pussies. You'll never want to stop! If I was in your shoes, I'd have jumped on it immediately!
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What the fuck is wrong with people. Smh.
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As a woman, if my boyfriend said he wanted to watch his 18 year-old son f*ck me, I would be horny as hell and take him up on it. Go for it.
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Can I fuck you?
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Wish u were my step mom I'd teach u new things everyday.. Slamiming my 91/2 Vick deep inside you have u wanting me more then my dad
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Andy, Mandy and Candy.
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This is the third story in a row that I don't quite believe is true.
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You can be a dad and grandad. Splendid
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I sure hope you made both of them cum hard.
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The problem is most people identify themselves with their body when actually "you" are not the material, physical body, but "you" are an eternal, non-material soul in your body. After death, you don't just cease to exist.

If you still think your indulgence is just fun, read on:

You may not believe or care about hell, but I MUST warn you. Read on.
The following is from Srimad Bhagavatam, the most pure, and most authentic Vedic scripture on earth (you may believe it or not). Please take a chance and read this carefully (you may not like it, but just for the sake of it, and this is the only TRUE warning you may get before you die.) Thank you for patiently reading.

Canto 5, Verse 20.

A man or woman who indulges in sexual intercourse with an unworthy member of the opposite sex is punished after death by the assistants of Yamaraja in the hell known as Taptasurmi. There such men and women are beaten with whips. The man is forced to embrace a red-hot iron form of a woman, and the woman is forced to embrace a similar form of a man. Such is the punishment for illicit sex.
Generally a man should not have sexual relations with any woman other than his wife. According to Vedic principles, the wife of another man is considered one's mother, and sexual relations are strictly forbidden with
one's mother, sister and daughter. If one indulges in illicit sexual relations with another man's wife, that activity is considered identical with having sex with one's mother. This act is most sinful. The same principle holds for a woman also; if she enjoys sex with a man other than her husband, the act is tantamount to having sexual relations with her father or son. Illicit sex life is always forbidden, and any man or woman who indulges in it is punished in the manner described in this verse.

Canto 5, Verse 21

A person who indulges in sex indiscriminately--even with animals--is taken after death to the hell known as Vajrakantaka-salmali. In this hell there is a silk-cotton tree full of thorns as strong as thunderbolts. The agents of Yamaraja hang the sinful man/woman on that tree and pull him/her down forcibly so that the thorns very severely tear his/her body.
The sexual urge is so strong that sometimes a man indulges in sexual relations with a cow, or a woman indulges in sexual relations with a dog.
Such men and women are put into the hell known as Vajrakantaka-salmali. The Krsna consciousness movement forbids illicit sex. From the description of these verses, we can understand what an extremely sinful
act illicit sex is. Sometimes people disbelieve these descriptions of hell, but whether one believes or not, everything must be carried out by the laws of nature, which no one can avoid.
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I would encourage you to explore this with your girlfriend & her daughter. As I have said in similar posts, sex is very healing. I can understand where your girlfriend is coming from. Watching her own daughter having an orgasm with you would be a wonderful, hopefully repeatable experience for her, her daughter and you. Please look at it as a unique opportunity to build a special bond with both of them. Sex is a powerful force to bring people together & I wish more families would explore it together.
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that is one of my hottest fantasies
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You'd be a fool not to if this is true!
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