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IIN that my house acts like this??????
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My house makes weird noises but like your usual noises. The radiators vibrate, doors open and the kettle turns on my itself. The fireguard also flys across the room. Is this normal?
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Comments (8)
whats a fireguard?

yall gots a flyin fireman full time in yalls house?
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I think you call it firescreen in Americanese?
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@: Murun
No idea what u mean by "Firescreen" tbh, amd I speak fluent "Americanese" as you'do put it... (Language is ENGLISH BTW)
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@: Cheet0
*Wait, u mean a screen to keep kids away from a fireplace, to help stop little kids from getting burned?
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Everyone's house does this
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You should probably get a priest because it sounds like your house is possessed.
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Or maybe it's been repossessed?
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The invisible man is sleeping with you.
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