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IIN that my narcissism/vanity is getting too much out of control?
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I'm not going to sugarcoat it, I am told to be very attractive, and although I sometimes hold doubts to this, I am addicted to my own appearance.

I can spend hours on end just looking at myself in the mirror, and it's hard to look away. If there is a mirror in my view in my bed, I can't sleep until I turn it around. If I go to the bathroom and see a my reflection, I hold off using the bathroom just to look in the mirror.

Just before I came on here I was looking in the mirror for two hours. I just started looking in the mirror at three in the morning and time flew and it was ten past five.

It's becoming a problem and as much as "just looking away" sounds easy, in my case it really isn't.

Is there any help out there for this other than helping yourself somehow?

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Itduz we talked about this
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If you're a teenager, this is perfectly normal. Most teenagers are extremely narcissistic and vain. Even if you're not a teenager, it's still probably a phase. There was a point that I couldn't pass a mirror without checking my hair in it. Some nights I'd just pick myself apart in the bathroom mirror after a shower for hours before going to bed. If a certain mirror was flattering, I'd just gaze at myself in it until somebody else came by.

It might sound crazy to you now, but soon you'll get bored and tired of staring at yourself. The thrill will wear off, it might take years, but it will. It's good that you can find yourself beautiful. That's very positive. But obsessing about your own appearance is not positive. You need to shift your focus onto other attributes of yourself, like your skills or creativity.
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@: Koda
I'm twenty one. I wasn't narcissistic when I was a teenager, if anything it started aroun when I was nineteen. Prior to those times I didn't care about my appearance (You should of seen the pictures. Not a pretty sight). Perhaps with age my appearance changed and that triggered it? I have been told I look quite different compared to my teen days.

I try to shift my interest from my appearance to other qualities or other interests, but it never works. If anything I want to get over this whle narcissistic stage (if it is a stage and not and I don't actually have the personality dissorder) because I want to get back in to having short hair, but I don't believe myself to look as good with short hair, so I won't be able to make that happen until this narcissism wears off.

Thanks for your comment, it's appreciated.
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Get to work. Accomplish something. Feel good about it.
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I accomplish making my hair fabulous in the morning and feel pretty good about it. Y this no enough!?! Lol.
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