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IIN that people always think Im way younger than I actually am?
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Im eighteen, nineteen in January, but last week I was out with my twelve year old sister and mom at the store. My mom saw one of her old friends and he said, "Aww! Look, you have two babies that are almost teenagers." It was mortifying. This isn't even a new occurence. Im constantly mistaken for much younger than I actually am. The thing is, Im not even that young looking! I mean, Im only five feet tall and have a bit of a babyface, but Im also rather curvaceous. Even so, Im still ID'd every three seconds and people congratulate my boyfriend for spending time with his baby sister. My parents struggle with it too. My dad is near fifty but is constantly mistaken for being in his twenties, same with my mom.
Is this normal?
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Comments (7)
My last girlfriend looked younger than she was and I look much older than I am to the point someone once mistook her for my daughter, that was horrible. You think being mistaken for your boyfriend's little sis is bad, try someone thinking you are your girlfriend's father, and she was a year older than me.

that all said you'll be grateful for it 20 years from now.
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The older you get the more you will value this.
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don't worry this will be great for you as you get older
Your parents are probably loving it already! I mean the way they look so much younger.
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normal, my gf is mistaken for an 8-year-old constantly
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@: xfg39
Probably because she is an 8 year old
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@: xfg39
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Im 18 and people constantly think Im 14 or 15.
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