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IIN that the dealer where I bought my car 6 months ago called again?
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My car dealer who I bought a car from 6 months ago called a few weeks ago to see how I liked my car and if it had any problems. I had called him right after I bought it because it would not fill up gas, and this cost $700 to fix. He did not do anything about it. Out of the blue, he just calls again 6 months later to check-up. I did not think that car dealers care that much and it feels fishy. I feel like there is another motive behind this, though I have no proof, and he was very helpful when I bought the car. I had always believed that most dealers were sleazy, money-hungry people who always wanted you to buy more. I felt like I got lucky with this one. My dad thinks that he may want me to buy another car. He left two messages on my phone, and I have not called back yet. Is it normal that he checked-up one me and do you think that there is another motive behind it? There is no way that I would buy or trade my car right now, as I have $725 in the bank right now.
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So you're wondering what to do about a rip off merchant who already cost you $700 by selling you a dodgy car? If you have to even think about this I'm surprised you're old enough to drive, let alone buy a car.

If he's a used car salesman you can bet there'll be a motive behind it! Trust your gut feeling and ignore him.
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High pressure sales, and a short memory that he already sold you a duffer!
Best car bargains to be had are from private sales, not lining those shysters' pockets.
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He wants you to join his Car of the Month Club.
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PS: Do you not have consumer protection laws where you live that he didn't have to fix the fault with the fuel?
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Seems like you got Finessed out of your money.
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He probably wants you to recommend him to more prospective buyers
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bad carma
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