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IIN that the masked serial killer in the movie Hush makes me hot?
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I'm not sure why, but the masked killer in "Hush" just reminds me of such a dom in bed and in life, a total turn on, especially when he smirks and his eyes twinkle every so slightly underneath the beams of moonlight. In that scene where that maddie girl tried to make a compromise with him on the sliding glass door with the lipstick, I would of wrote how he'd have to play nice for me to let him come inside.. She is just bland, very very boring, and it makes zero sense to me. I also strongly can attest to the fact that she has no unique attributes to her, sure, looks aren't everything in a relationship but they give off the most powerful first impressions of one. I have not a clue what he sees in her, personally, if I was in his position and a male, SHE would in fact be the one to kill my erection and just wouldn't be worth my time- even to murder, for that matter. Not going to lie, it honestly killed my ladyboner once he took off his mask though. I suppose it wouldn't bother me if he just kept the mask on the whole time since that mysterious and eccentric guy persona just makes me drenched.. I also think that mask would make any steamy session that much more robust. I just feel like I can convert him, we could become a thing, a romantic murderous accomplice duo.
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dood he's hot
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