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IIN That the Roman Empire Edited the Bible in the 1940s
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So in earlier times when there were serious wars going on, the guys running the roman armies had to change some bible verses to influence politics of the time. IIN? or this is some bullshit story.
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Comments (8)
The Roman Empire was long gone by the 1940s! You seem very confused about history and yes, this is some bullshit story
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1940s? Are you sure?
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et tu brute?
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King James's court edited the bible, not the Romans.
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I don't think you understand time.
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The Bible was written by humans anyway, so subsequent alteration by subsequent humans isn't really an issue.
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They were always changing it
Should see the original Bible, it's got bits crossed out, little arrows with new bits, words switched around, "Shalt not"'s changed to "shalt"s, they changed it all the time.
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The bible has many versions and has been edited many times throughout history by various cults looking to expand their power base.
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