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IIN That when my ears pop I can sniff really hard and they will be ok?
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Hey I've been doing this for as long as I can remember.
When my ears pop I can sniff really hard through my nose and they will go back to normal. My ears pop whenever I yawn, anything loud is happening around me or in car journeys but once I sniff they go back to normAl. It used to annoy my parents when I was younger but now I block my nostrils and it works still. I've never known anyone else who does this so it would be good if I wasn't alone.
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Yes this is all normal stuff. I dont know the scientific stuff about it but i know these techniques like holding your nose and blowing is something divers use when they decend to equalize the pressure. You'll be fine there is no danger.
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My dad called it "Val Salva".
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