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IIN that when the store people know me, I don't want to go back?
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Even though they start conversations with me, and are nice, I feel weird when the people from stores I frequent acknowledge me. I still act normal, but I worry that eventually I'll do something that upsets them. So I think about not visiting the store as much, even if only that store has what I need/want.
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I dunno if it's normal or not, but I tend to prefer anonymity over the everybody knows your name bullshit.
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I know what you mean. There is a supermarket near my place where my dad's friend works and so I just avoid that store because he knows my face and would probably ask me how I was doing or whatever. I even avoid going to the public library during certain hours because I know that there is a woman who works there and is married to some guy who helps my dad with taxes. Well the woman doesn't know me that well but might recognize me or my family from the name on my library card. I don't know maybe it's weird or paranoid.
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I feel the exact same way!!!
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Just do what you want. Be free
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Are they stupid Mexicans?
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Why do people do that? Did someone who happened to be Mexican make you jealous?
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