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IIN that...Background noise drives me crazy?
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I listen to online radio, sports and otherwise, during the daytime, and, absolutely hate background noise during interviews or news pieces. Music, live or on-location interviews with people yelling or glasses clinking (god, I hate that!) in the background, or other surrounding noise that, I feel, in this digital age of being able to eliminate and include whatever you want on media, just shouldn't happen. My finger immediately hits the mute button. Even if I miss information, it doesn't matter. That background noise just drives me crazy.

Same with call-in shows or hosts that clear their throat every three seconds..Either hang up, or, clear out before you call and are put on the air. Is it just me being impatient, or, do other people also despise this annoying background noise?
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I hate certain noises. Its called misophonia. I hate tv noises in general.
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I can't stand to hear talking on the radio at all (especially women) and I also hate live music recordings. Being at a concert is fine, have fun, cheer, scream, whatever, it's all about the experience and everyone is so excited...but I don't understand how people enjoy listening to the recordings of a concert.
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