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IIN this girl avoids talking about normal issues ?
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This lass I'm trying to get to know over Facebook is kind of cut off at times. I was told by her a while ago that she met someone.
I feel she's the sort that could easily get offended if I say the wrong thing accidentally...
I message her sometimes and she doesn't always reply. When she does reply, the conversation isnt bad but when I ask her something like "How's it going with that chick? She didn't reply. I just said "hmm, no comment".
She replied- I'd rather not talk about her but thanks for asking. No smiley emoji...
I told her I'm sorry about that & hope you are OK and she says nothing in return. Ages ago we were chatting and we were on the topic of family. I asked if she was close with her mum. She told me she'd rather not talk about her , (smiley emoji).
So, my question is- What's wrong with this girl? I try to pay interest in her and take things light heartedly by joking around. She just seems kinda serious or something & I'm always afraid to talk to her in case I say something wrong...
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I don't think there's anything wrong with her, I think she's just not that interested in you any more.

Why don't you take a break from contacting her and see what happens? If she doesn't contact you you have your answer.
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@: Ellenna
I think that's just the type of person she is to be fair. The time I was talking to her about her family was on a different fake account of mine. So its obviously not personal as her reaction was the same. I hadn't spoken to her on my real account for a few weeks so I sent her a picture of something & she replied instantly. We went back & forth for a while with texting until I asked the question about the girl. Any normal person would have simply said it didn't work out. She just seems quite cut off & reserved tbh..
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well would you really want to be with this girl if you're already having these problems?
lets face it, those kind of problems don't go away. they just get worse. it sounds like you're already having problems with communicating with this girl so it doesn't sound like it would make a very healthy relationship.
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I don't want to talk about it = Things are going horribly and I have no idea what to do. I would talk about it, but what good will that be?! Talking about it wont help me; you can't help me...

That's what it means 98% of the time.

Basically, she has layers. Most likely her home life is hell in someway (abuse, violence, etc), and the relationship she has is a piece of shit; so to protect herself, she built thick emotional layers that needs a lot of patience, time, and trust to break through. It's either you have the patience to befriend a troubled person or you dont, but you can't expect them to opened up so easily, they require more effort.
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She's not attracted to you. Your fear of saying something wrong means you're a nice guy. Save yourself a life of heartache and read 'No More Mr. Nice Guy'.
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@: felixy
I'm typically a friendly, down to earth sort of girl. Ofc I'm going to act nice/sympathetic when she tells me some news like this. What else am I to do? If I act like a bitch & tell her to move on, its gives her all the more reason to not want to reply or talk to me. I personally feel she has issues. Any normal person would say it didn't work out or something. They wouldn't not reply especially if the person they're talking to is showing interest without any bad intentions.
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I'm sorry, I assumed you were a guy. I don't know the protocol when a girl acts cold to another girl, but there's a type of person who only talks to others if they have something they can gain from them.

Could be this girl is just one of them. Whatever the reason, she doesn't deserve your attention.
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