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IIN to always beat yourself up on past situations and compare yourself
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I'm a nice, quiet and mature person in real life, but I constantly find myself feeling bad on things I could have done or constantly obsessed with the thought that I'd be a better person if Ive done what my friend said she would have done. I feel like you have to be a coldhearted bitch to be the best and the strongest.
Whenever I get into trouble and just ignore it, my friend would say " I would've flipped them off " I can't help thinking I would be so respected and at peace with myself if I do what she says she would do. Being a bad bitch isn't my nature and I feel more comfortable being chill in bad situations. Idk what i can do to be respected or looked as not a pushover. My friends method I know only attracts more trouble.
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What you're doing sounds much better, in my opinion. You don't have to "flip" people off or whatever to get respect. I wouldn't respect someone for doing that, it can easily come across as being petty and like they're trying to be cool. Not being a twat about things doesn't mean you have to be a pushover. Just be firm, stick with your opinion and what you think's best, there's no need to be overly mean or bitter about it. Like you said, her method attracts more trouble. I don't see that, or being a "bad bitch" as good things. Far from it.

I'm really very sick of people reacting to situations like how your friend does. If you're genuinely very angry, then it's understandable, and I think most people have those regrettable moments. Not every single time something doesn't go your way, though, the little childish brats! But most the time people are so bloody idiotic to deal with a situation properly. I'm sick of people acting like the don't "give a fuck" about anyone or anything, and I'm sick of them treating others poorly. Those people need to get some bloody manners, they do! It spreads a bad mood.

*Sigh*. Ok, rant over:P. You're fine the way you are, please don't become a complete twat.
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You don't have to be a bad person, but it's okay to stand up for yourself. I think what your friend is saying is to not let people walk all over you. You don't have to be a bitch. You don't have to bully anyone or push people around, but when someone gets in your face, don't be afraid to get in theirs. Stand up for yourself. You'll find that a lot of people will push you around because they know you are afraid. Don't be afraid.
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You shouldn't do that to yourself. You'll only fuck up your entire life! Just remember that your thoughts have a lot of power over you, try and concentrate on the way things are now and how you can improve them. Make you future, don't live in your past if it's not a pleasant one.
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Respect the flippant bird.
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then don't be friends with her anymore.
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Stay as you are.
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fuck suck dick lick damn we nasty.
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Try the bitch method on your 'friend' first. Next time she starts with the 'I woulda' tell her to fuck off.
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Find a hot girl and add the bed and subtract the clothes, yada yada yada.
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