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Iin to annoy people withcleaning ? during football games movies
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I have started obsessively cleaning and am in the process of rearranging several pantries in alphabetical order. I have arranged all the bathroom towels from light to dark at my house and all the houses I clean.I like to asked people if they want this and that in the fridge and why they bought that item and do they like this do they need this even though it is obvious it is garbage.I want to have a real conversation about this not just a yes or no answer. I want to talk to someone about how much fun I have ironing and cleaning up dog poop in the yard while they are watching football and movies and they get annoyed and sometimes very mean spirited. I also like to power talk to myself very loudly while I clean.
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If you were cleaning my house and behaving like that I wouldn't have you back a second time.

You need professional help, so please go and get it: that behavior is totally obsessive and also oppressive to other people who have to be around you .
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Definite OCD, and, a need to control everything around you. I'm surprised people haven't become so upset or put off that they've thrown you out. That's not being mean, just saying..Most people want things their own way, not yours. And why they buy whatever food they have is nowhere near your business.

That said, though, there are some out there who have no problem with someone else organizing their things. My older sister is a chronic cleaner and organizer, and, came to my house one weekend (alone, rare as that is), changed into a pair of old cotton shorts and half tank top, and told me she was going to clean and organize my kitchen (we'd joked about how long I keep food, past due dates, in my freezer). I told her, go ahead, just tell me what's where in the cabinets so I know.

One of my neighbors saw her going outside to my back porch a few times, and later asked me about my "half-naked visitor". Had him going when I told him she was my new maid.
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classic martyr mom syndrome. please go sell Tupperware or join a bookclub or one of wine and sip things.
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You seem like an attention seeker. If you genuinely want to have sincere relationships and conversations, then you need to reassess your behavior around others.
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