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Iin to be concerned about a 90 year old forgetting things
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So I work at a mall.I made friends with a frequent customer who is in her 90's. I am a foster kid who never had a family so It is kind of cool that someone gives a crap.

She looks fabulous for 90 whatever , but she gets people from the present mixed up with the ones from the past. Like she thinks I am her daughter who died.

I told her I wasn't and she looked heartbroken but quickly forgot what happened.Another time she saw a complete stranger and started panicking because he had boots like her dad who I gather was not a nice guy.

She is buying me stuff that I don't think she can afford. I took some of it back and had them put it back on her card.The people at the store totally noticed her not being ok.

I tried to tell her dr about her ,but the nurse cut me off because I am not family. Her husband is completely incapacitated from a stroke and her stepkids are either battling their own health problems or think she is making it up.
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aging sucks.I dunno what is worse when their body gives up or when their brain packs up and leaves.Surely someone would listen to you.Maybe the other people who have noticed her acting weird will back you up.
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You are a very nice person to care about a complete stranger and not take advantage of her.

Can you bypass the nurse and contact her doctor direct, in writing if necessary? That raises the issue of the doctor maybe deciding she can't care for herself any more, which could lead to institutionalisation. Who's caring for the husband?
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@: Ellenna
I agree with Ellenna. Nursing homes are not so bad. You or someone in the family have to check them out and make sure they are a loving place. Here, she'll have friends, meals and activities. They're not bad places for the most part.
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Was posting this twice with some time in between the posts part of you trying to do a funny?
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I don't remember this being posted before.someone keeps posting that they hate their family and they think they might be gay over and over though
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