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IIN to be disgusted by watching two people have sex?
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Is it normal that watching porn, seeing people have sex (like in the movies)or even people constantly talking about sex is a complete and utter turn OFF for me?

I am attracted to some things, just not people. I am asexual for others and I just think that sex is really gross when it's between two people.

I'm ok with R34 of cartoons, and I don't get grossed out when two animals mate. But with people? It really disgusts me... Is that normal?
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What if it's three people?
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@: seekelp
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So don't do it?
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Of course, easier said than done. There are sex songs all over the radio stations at work, my family likes to watch what THEY call "romantic comedies" (which is stupid because sex is NOT romantic, nor is it love) and so on. It's hard not running into others talking about sexual things the turning to me and saying "oh what do YOU think about my age play fetish?" I think it's disgusting, thank you very much.
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Porn doesn't appeal to me.
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I can understand that. For me, seeing sex in movies or on tv just bores me and I find it distasteful. I feel like there's a time and place for everything, and if I wanted to see sex I'd watch porn, or just do it myself.
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Keep watching. The porn stars feel disgusted and are enjoying their own disgusting behavior. You can enjoy feeling disgusted as well.
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Normal to an extent. Although I think its in our genes to have intercourse with two people since it is required for reproduction...
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