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IIN to be insecure in sports?
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Well I don't know if I should be proud that I'm a swimmer, I don't even know if I should consider myself. Every time I train my insecurities are eating me alive, cause my other swim mates are already like a pro. They're already competing in different country. While me, im just a bummer. Right now, it's been one week and not continuing my swimming, I want to give up, maybe swimming is not my thing.
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Dont give up!

Its the attitude that counts, and if you push yourself to become really good, you can.
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Stop comparing you with guys better or quicker than you, you are not swiming for them, you are swiming for you (you decide that)
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I love sports, play them all the time. It's normal to feel insecure or inadequate, but there's no reason to. I used to be self conscious that I wasn't very good at football, so I just told people when I messed up, "I'm not that good yet, sorry!" And I would go home and study and practice to get better.
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