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IIN to be nervous meeting your family-in-law for the first time
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I'm a guy and pretty soon, I'll be meeting my family-in-law for the first time. As you probably can imagine, I'm a bit nervous for this encounter, also because I'm not exactly the perfect son-in-law. I happen to be in a wheelchair, and I'm wary as to how they'll react. Of course, my girlfriend has told them she's dating a disabled guy, but still...
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That would be super fucked up if anyone had a problem or strange reaction because of a wheelchair. Slap a motor on that bad boy. Anyway, the best way to deal with in-laws is to avoid marriage.
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"Anyway, the best way to deal with in-laws is to avoid marriage."

Or maybe avoid dating period. You might still have to spend a lot of time with the parents if your SO is a very family-oriented person.
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I don't see what's wrong with wheelchair. If they really thought something bad about that they're not even worth visiting.
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In my experience, most people are quite similar to their families. There aren't many black sheep who think completely differently to how their family do. That means if your girlfriend likes you, they'll probably like you to. It's scary though, definitely.
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I'd be scared, too, but you'll get through it. If they love her, and she loves you, then it should be ok.
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Yeah it's normal meeting in laws is so bloody horrible.

Just remember nobody's perfect and you are her choice not theirs.
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And you know what it means not being able to walk!
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It's a little nerve wracking regardless of disability. You're stuck with them your whole life (assuming the best here) and they will undoubtedly influence your girlfriend and how you conduct your family. Not giving a fuck about your in-laws effectively shuns a group of people thay could help you later on down the road.

However, as stated above, chances are your girlfriend isn't exactly foreign in her acceptance of others so if there are family members that shun you due to your disability, likely she'll deal with them so you don't have to and she will feel enough disgust to justify shunning them.
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Have a smoke to calm your shakes.
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