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IIN to be never turn down anything and take or ask for more?
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I have a friend that never turns down a thing and you can't say help yourself to him or he will overly indulge and take full advantage and even ask for more for himself or others. Is that normal?
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Yeah, that's called being greedy.
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Make him do things like write "i am a pervert" on his forehead and walk around in public with that on his head for several hours every time he wants a freebie.
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I voted No, yet it is normal for the greedy and selfish. Thankfully, hopefully the vast majority of us do not fall into that category.
That is precisely what your 'friend' is.... Selfish!
Choose your real friends wisely because when you need assistance and have nothing to offer as a reward, apart from pure loyal friendship, this 'friend' of yours will be found wanting.
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