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IIN To be Pro-Gay Marriage and Pro legal Pot, yet Conservative?
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I Am pro-Gay Marriage, am for the Legalization of Marijuana, and I feel that Prostitution should be legal as well. Other than that, I tend to hold Strong Conservative Beliefs.

For example, I oppose Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants, and strongly favor a secure border. I also am vehemently Anti-Abortion, (except for rape and where the health of the mother is in jeopardy) yet advocate contraceptive methods like condoms and morning after pills. I am for tax cuts, and deregulation in general, with the exception of government intervention to prevent a monopoly of an industry. I also am against single payer health care and for limiting welfare and other such programs. Programs as such should be handled by the state, as well as the private sector, not the federal government.

I support Prayer (for all religions) in schools, yet it should not be mandatory. I am also against Government promoting the "green Agenda" with regulation that chokes existing industry, and feel that Alternative Energy should be privately funded.

IIN to be a Pro-Gay marriage, Pro Legal Pot, Pro Legal Prostitution Conservative Republican?
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a republican what smokes the weed is a libertarian
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Thank you lmao
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I think this is the problem with boxing people into simplified "left wing" or "right wing" politics. You can have opinions on somethings that are not traditionally leftists or rightist.

For me I consider myself on the left for almost everything, but one thing I can't agree with is this regressive leftist making excuses for bigotry in minority communities. Rights are for people, not for 7th Century ideas.

Also I think it's irresponsible opposing the "green agenda" for any reason. You can talmbout some "it chokes existing industry", but if we don't start being a lot more green it's going to be the entire planet "choking" within the next few centuries. This is serious.
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I'm not nessecarily against the research of "green energy" or any other such ideology, what I dislike is the ideal of it being a central government agenda that must be pushed for with laws and regulations. Green energy should be researched and implemented at the private sector.

The left right now seem to push laws requiring green energy production, while shutting down oil refineries, and blocking the construction of natural gas lines.

I just don't feel the government should be pushing the energy industry one way or another.
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You are not a Conservative! You ned to look up the meaning. Like the other person said, you are a Libertarian!
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Like the other person said,your a crack addicted pedo!!
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I'm a vegan, but I eat meat. I know how you feel.
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