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IIN to be racist toward black people just because it's funny?
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I'm not really a racist but it's funny seeing black people get all offended by every little thing.
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My recipe for humor involves thinking of the most inappropriate things you could possible say, and then saying it. Sometimes that may be something racist. Its not that its funny because its racist, its funny because its inappropriate and shouldn't be said.
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You shouldn't be laughing at a different race getting offended because what if another race was talking bad about your race and you were getting offended? You aren't exactly being racist but you are helping racism happen.
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Definitely have to say that's not normal, because it makes no sense to only think it's funny to see one small group of people get offended. Why don't you think it's funny seeing white people get offended, considering they get offended so much more easily than black people?
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I wouldn't home-in exclusively on black people, pretty much everyone acts like that these days.

Being a "victim" is a currency and there's potentially a lot to gain in being "offended". Yes, that child-like culture deserves to be mocked, it's fucking ridiculous.
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That's completely true if your Australian!
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Black people dont get offended, its only middle class white people who get offended on other peoples behalf.
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Oh, that's not true. They do get offended. They just can't say it or get taken seriously most of the time.
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I was reminded of this question by the news today that Bo Bice was in tears because somebody called him "white boy." White boys are the thinnest skinned crybabies to ever walk the Earth but they hate "political correctness" so much every time they get called out for racism or sexism. If I didn't witness it every day, I would never believe it'd be possible for so many people to be such raging hypocrites.
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