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IIN to be scared of electronics doing things without input?
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Backstory: as a kid, I got a toy cash register for some holiday. Not sure why my parents decided minimum-wage job training was a good gift, but I played with the thing regardless. When you opened the money tray, the register would play a little "chi-ching!" sound. Somehow, the 'brain' inside it went nuts and started playing the cash noise long after I walked away. It would play at random intervals, and there was /no way/ to turn it off. At night it would go in my closet, so I remember sitting in my bed and being terrified, and feeling the shot of adrenaline each time it played.

Flash-forward, when I was old enough to have my own computer, I extremely cautious with it. I remember my biggest fear was that I would get a virus that would make my computer go haywire and start moving the mouse or opening windows or, worst of all, play sounds from the speakers. I've pretty much gotten over it now, but very rarely something sets me off. For instance, horror games that appear to fuck with your computer, fake glitch, or close and reopen themselves with a screamer. That kind of shit makes me have to step away.

IIN, because I see this theme in mainstream horror. TVs and electronics turning on, repeated noises, things taking on a mind of their own. Maybe my fear was caused by the cash register, maybe it's just a common fear of losing control, but is anyone else specifically scared of computers acting of their own volition?
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Sometimes i think my reflection is not really my reflection and i get myself worked up til im scared to look in the mirror in case the imposter makes a mistake
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I don't, but I never had a toy cash register go haywire on me in my formative years.
Things that happen in early years can shape your thinking for life.
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No...just get a good antivirus and scan it from time to time. Do anything important on a phone or seems infinitely safer than a computer, if you're that worried.
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So, no humanoid housekeeper?
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