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IIN to be so exhausted that all I do is work sleep and eat each day.
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I'm sick of being a drone. I'm afraid of failing. I'm afraid of people's judgement. I'm afraid of losing what I already have. I wish I could quit working. I wish that I could just learn and create at my own pace. I wish I could focus on one goal without longing to do it all.
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You could start drinking heavily and accidentally run over a bicyclist with your car at night. Then your job won't seem so bad.
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It's rough working the 9-5 for the first time, if that's your situation. Fear of other's judgement = you need to work on killing your ego, your oversensitivity of self. It'll make it feel like everyone has you under a microscope otherwise.

And physically, if you're a guy get your bloodwork done and your testosterone checked.
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