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IIN to create/design your own unique symbol for a tattoo?
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Ok... so i want to get a tattoo soon and i have had this design for a while (designed myself). The thing is i have incorporated a symbol which i believe to be unique... i hope. Anyway i realy like the design but i was wondering if its normal to use a self designed symbol or not. I mean like do over people do it? And will i be judged for doing it ?.
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Why do you care what other ppl think? If you like it get it.
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For any important decision, it's always better to wait a while before making it. You should get that tattoo after summer is over, if you still feel as passionate about it.

By the way, a unique tattoo with a personal meaning is the best way to go.
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I was planning on getting it around september time anyway as i need the money.

Thank you for your imput ahah now that i think about it unique is better
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Tattoos are an abomination of the flesh! Why would you desecrate the vessel Jesus has bestowed you? I will pray for your soul
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Legal Disclaimer : I have no affiliation with this porpodyte
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Jesus loves trolls huh?
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Okay, but if it turns out looking like crap you'll have only yourself to blame.
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