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IIN to date a waitress from a restaurant who is serving you?
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I was eating with a few friends at a restaurant and found myself attracted to the waitress who was serving our table. I thought about if she was single and whether it was legal for her to date a customer. It was a pretty expensive restaurant with great food and I wondered if she even gets to eat any of the food that she serves. I just thought it would be pretty neat to take her out for dinner to this restaurant when she wasn't working. I couldn't decide how to approach her or even if I should so I did nothing.
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Is this a Mexican restaurant?
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It's normal for women to get hit on at work and it's usually unwanted and inappropriate so don't do it.
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My dad ended up in the hospital after he got a concussion while playing football in college and he asked out a young nurse he met. They dated for a while, but thank God he didn't settle down til he met a hot Colombian chick on the beach in a bikini while he was in the Army and stationed in Panama Canal Zone!
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It's her job to be polite to customers, so you are putting her in an awkward position. Does she not get a tip if she declines? Better to approach her in the parking lot when she gets off.
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It's ok, as long as you don't push or they show interest in you. I've dated several women from the sports bar I go to, but, never ask them out (or, if they show interest first) too early on. Let things cook up and develop, so they don't feel like an object or one of many.

Still a tough balance, though, if you go into the place often. Things go well with the woman, great..Things go to shit, then, ackward and odd.
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Are you a guy or a girl?
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Yes, I have one who's slightly older and her touches are the most sensual I've ever experienced. I've lost contact with her since but I still pine for her companionship. I'm thinking how to find her..
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