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IIN to experience weird things while meditating?
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Since I've made meditation a regular exercise in my daily routine I've come to notice that it opens up a lot of doors. I'll start with the normal stuff, certain parts of my body seem to spasm out of nowhere during meditation. Maybe my hand will twitch or maybe my leg will move for half a second on its own. Hallucinations are also pretty acceptable, everyone knows meditation can lead to these things..... but what if something happens in the vision that you didn't control? What if for instance, someone pulled me by the shoulder and the vision broke? This is the part where it gets creepier, what if you suddenly hear a voice in your mind? It wasn't there for long, it was the same "person" that pulled me by the shoulder in the previous vision. When I started to think about my life later that night, I could hear a girl giggling before I went to sleep, it sounded like a ghost and it was in my head for sure. To drop the bombshell, I believe I've witnessed an angel once. It happened a year ago and it has nothing to do with meditation except for the fact that I've been meditating on and off for about a year before that. I would describe it as looking at the sun instead it doesn't hurt your eyes if you look at it, it looked like a source of light, not human at all. The appearance is the least interesting though, as the feeling was much more important. It felt like it banished the negative thoughts from me and filled me with hope and optimism.

The last part is kind of off-topic so please don't take that into account when voting, but hey if someone has experienced something similar please tell me so.
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Been experiencing lots of weirdo,s on this site lately!!
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No, you're just boring.
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