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IIN to feel attracted to someone "spooky" annoy them and then....
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IIN to feel attracted to someone "spooky" annoy them and then later have mysterious accidents and worsening or new health problems? I used to go to this guy's apartment after he got of work to visit him (too often!!) when he probably wanted to be left alone, I later realized, then sometimes while approaching his block I would suddenly feel a dark gloom come over me and subliminal thoughts of maggots, worms, corpses etc. in the middle of a sunny afternoon! Is this a kind of Voo Doo or demonic power he had??
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Comments (2)
Maybe it is, maybe it isn't? Maybe you was buggin him and he threw down some crazy voodoo shit on yo ass? Maybe you just lookin fo dat doom and gloom shit anyway. Leave dat witch doctor/bad-mojo-mofo alone and listen to some good old fashioned post punk/goth rock from back in that day, tha late 70s/ early 80s, and you should be right as rain.

If all else fails, listen you sum Screamin' Jay" Hawkins, fool, he set yo crazy ass straight... but whatever tha Hell you do leave dat muthafuckin spooky man that don't wanna know ya alone.
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Sounds weird

But did you think he was spooky before it happened?
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