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IIN to feel like a psycho but I don't hate people
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I think of people like any other animals. i respect them, but there is no romantic/sexual attraction. if someone does something small like take acquaintance from me I imagine killing them in brutal ways. Of course I won't do it at least not at this point in my life when i have people to impress. When I was a kid I mildly abused my pets for fun but then afterwards I felt horrible about it. I have overly empathetic at times and force myself to feel the physical pain of others, even inanimate objects. But I don't feel that romantic/sexual connection to anyone, or even friendship. I respect and admire most people but I just don't want to be "close" with them, it's uncomfortable.

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This is not normal. You are a sick person and need help. Imagining people dying is not normal. You should really go to a therapist.
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No not bloody well normal...
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This is probably how Jeffrey Dahmer started out. Get some psychiatric help now!
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