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IIN to feel lost in life and lose interest in sex after married?
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I feel like I’m stuck..Imprisoned..All I work for and live for feels so pointless..

I thought I would be happy living with my beautiful caring wife in a nice apartment and great condo...both of us with our jobs and routines..Having enough to spare in simple things like dinners and trips..Shows and happy hours with friends...but I feel miserable..I have no life anymore. I used to have so much fun with my friends, have a happy and full social life, even though i was never completely happy then, life was much funner.I miss having desire in life. I have no contentment what so ever..
I look at my friends lives and they all seem happier, enthusiastic with life, even if it isn't great. I have a time when I was unhappy with myself..before I had any friends or a good satisfying job...before Nissan...before "spg"....good fun friends, but now I have only my pets and wife..All I feel is pressure most of the time..No joy..
My wife is amazing physical and in personal terms...and I mean literally..She has stunning beauty..could be a model or actress if she applied herself to it…she's great in so many things...I can trust her, and that’s a rare quality these days that I value very much..yet, I don't feel any sex appeal any more... I have to push myself in order to fulfill her needs...instead of wanting, I have to obligate myself...I hate it...I feel like I’ll have to live like this forever..even though I love her so much, and know that she's what I’ve always wanted in a women I just can’t feel for her what I felt when we met. This entire situation makes me feel useless, lower than a roach. I still feel desire for other women...even uglier and uninteresting ones, and I just don’t get it, even though my sex drive for other women is also very diminished in comparison to what it once was...this bothers me so much..It puts my self esteem on the bottom of an endless pit.. in consequence of this, what once motivated me to control my diet, exercise, have a healthy and good look is gone...i try and try but there's no wife should be enough to make me want to be the best I can, but she isn't, and that hurts me more then it probably hurts her. I know there's got be something wrong with me but I can't find any practical help...not without a lot of money at least..which I have none to spare at the moment.

It doesn’t even make sense.

Being married to a beautiful and loving wife feels overrated. I should be glad her mom gave us a great apartment to live in, instead o wondering from place to place over rent trying to gather some money to someday buy something of our own as we had planned, but her mom is also a constant threat to our relationship, always trying to bring the worse of me, my flaws inconspicuously trying to put her against me. That’s probably very common to a lot of people but I sometimes can’t handle it. I have to keep a constant watch on everything I say, or don't say or insinuate around her...this keeps me uneasy and stressed..she feels joy whenever I's as if her low expectations regarding me are always there, and when things go wrong she’s gets happy to be right...every little slip I take or flaw I show makes her smile. I can never please her..Reach her "high" $$ expectations. But I'm never good enough at anything...I’m 29 and a failure. What happened to me..?
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I would never want to make this mistake, Sounds like the beginning of hell -_-
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I'd say if your not christian, don't believe in or know what love is about and have no desire in having a family...don't get're not ready yet...

I'm sure that i'm doing the right thing, but i'm also sure there's something wrong with me...(probably something hormone related)...but i just don't get what...or haven't got past this crises i'm in...
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If you're just recently married then it's common to suddenly feel imprisoned but you will get over this feelin. I think that you feel less of a man coz the mom in law is supplying your home.

You and your wife would be much happier with nothing at all but working in the same direction to achieve something, rather than be handed it all and have nothing to strive for together. Maybe this is what you two need to do, set a goal that both of you can aim for and work towards.

I'd stay clear of the mom in law - hide in the bathroom, or go out when she's coming round.

Least said, soonest mended.
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Only 29 , the mom , the all work , the guilt of her apartment , the emotional blackmail, the wife that may be all about getting ahead in life perhaps to eh .
I reckon I could well see the problems already to be honest , there's a fair bit of stuff going on there and none of it much fun either for only 29 so. Pretty young really to be bound up like that.
Any chance of shutting the mom up , that's bs , I'd probably murder her.
Any cahnce of just getting away for a wk or two on your own , think , get some perspective, reckon that'd be my first move, clear my head.
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PS , why not tell the wife to shut the mom up and keep her the f'k out of thing's or you'll have to do it for her. Not that that's the only thiong but it is one very obvious and big thing that wouldn't be helping one iota.
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